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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 1, 1997

Location: Scottsbluff - 541 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 41:52:00N 103:40:00W Elevation: 3880 feet

Summary: Hot rest day.

Journal entry: Today we had church outside. It was nice at first and then it became extremely hot. It was 91 degrees. Everyone felt as though they were dying. Many of us fell asleep. It was hard not to. It was a very large meeting. We had many visitors. It was great to see people's interest heighten.

We took a trip that night to town to look for a phone. Four of us needed to use the phone to call home. We drove around to find a phone. We finally ended up at the airport. We are staying in Scottsbluff. When we came out of the airport late at night we saw the rain storm upon us. We had had extreme tornado warnings. We were even told where to run to if one did touch down. There were luckily some ditches near by if we had to use them. Luckily we didn't.

As we were returning back to camp there was an electrical storm all around us. It was amazing see the lighting light up the sky. It streaked and twisted all over the sky. It looked like a quick picture of what you would find on a postcard rather than in front of you. When we got to camp we parked and sat for another half an hour and watched and listened to the rain and lighting storm. It was beautiful and amazing. We were all amazed, but I think John Taylor and I were the most vocal about it.