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Eliza Roxcy Snow Journals

June 14, 1847

Location: Elkhorn River Crossing - 986 miles left, Nebraska - (nine rods wide, three feet deep) - 27 miles from Winter Quarters. Seven miles south and further west, over the Elkhorn River, members of the first company camped here April 11, 1847.

Summary: Monday - Crossing the Elk Horn River.

Journal entry: Cross'd the river which is a muddy swift running stream--on a raft in the afternoon--before which sis. Smith Thom & Sess. came to our carriage--we had an interesting time--sis. P. & sis. T. spoke in tongues & many interesting things were said.

After crossing I went to sis. Sess. tent spoke to Lucina & Mary [Sessions] about their relationship & was made to rejoice in hearing them speak in the gift of tongues.

Source: Eliza Roxcy Snow: Personal Writings © edited by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher 1995. All rights reserved. Rights were granted by Ms. Beecher (editor), the University of Utah Press (publisher), and Huntington Library in Pasadena, California (owners of the original diary) to publish the transcribed contents of Eliza R. Snow's diaries for educational use.
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