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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

June 12, 1997

Location: Glenrock, Wyoming - Location: 42:51:41N 105:52:18W

Summary: Over 5000 feet.

Journal entry: Dear people of the world
Today I walked for 15 miles to the town of Glenrock. We traveled for most of day on the freeway I bet it looked pretty funny seeing wagons on the freeway. I laughed when I saw a mph sign that 75 miles an hour.

It was very hot I didn't get into camp until 3pm. Some walkers have gotten sick from the sun and have had to have IV's.

We are going to go swimming today and we will be in Casper tomarrow and we don't have to leave until Monday My mom can't wait to go to a mall me either.

It is nice weather there is a small breeze but the misquittos are bad. We came across a farm today it was great we got to walk through a stream.

We are now over 5000 feet in elevation and a lady said that we have only 26 more travel days.

A man got bucked off his horse on the freeway too but they caught his horse and he was okay. Well this is Daniel Whitaker at the rodeo grounds in Glenrock Wyoming

ps hi to all my family and friends around the world

pss hi Ken we still hope you can come over to the United States and watch us come into the valley. How is the weather in England?