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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 2, 1997

Location: Mitchell, Nebraska - Location: 41:56:25N 103:48:29W Elevation: 3945 feet

Summary: Scottsbluff to Mitchell -- Short day, dark clouds

Journal entry: I am in Margaret's motor home trying to find shelter from the pouring rain. We went 17 miles today, and now we are at the fair grounds in Mitchell, Nebraska. It is a small town near the Wyoming border.

Our departure out of Scottsbluff this morning seemed like any other, until an outrider was thrown from his horse. His name is Kevin Porter, from Clearwater, UT. He landed on his head and looked unconscious for a while. An ambulance came and took him to the hospital, but he was back in the saddle before lunch was over.

The Whitakers have been all busy driving their own wagon and the day wagon, so they offered to let me ride moqui as an outrider. I had to stay close to their wagon and watch for problems as we went along. It was a good opportunity to talk with Danny's dad, Tom. I also got to talk to some of the other teamsters and people riding the wagons. But, I must admit that my knees were a bit sore because I haven't ridden in so long.

Just as we were getting close to the fair grounds, it began to rain. The rain has continued on and off all night, and now the field looks like a lake. (I knew I should have gotten my Nebraska fishing license)

A lady I met today offered to give some of us a ride back in to Scottsbluff to do laundry and grocery shopping. Her name is Connie, and she also owns the local Subway restaurant. So, while we were doing our laundry, she got us some free sandwiches, chips and drinks. Yes, and cookies too.

Well, it's time to leave the motor home and walk through the rain back to my sleeping bag...