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Margaret Clark Journals

May 28, 1997

Location: Broadwater, Nebraska - Location: 41:35:46N 102:51:08W

Summary: Nina Morosi.

Journal entry: [Nina Morosi writes:]

As many of the people on this trek have ancestors who came in 1847, I do not. However, reading so much about the pioneers I wanted to get a flavor of what it must have been like; what the women endured, some pulling carts the whole way. After pulling a cart for 3 hours and only achieving 3 miles in deep sand was a good flavor! Very tough work.

Just wanted to let my family and co-workers know that this lady is doing a wonderful job. We average now about 17 miles in a day (about 3mph). Have walked every inch.

I reside in a small town, Novato, CA, which is a sharp contrast to the countryside we have been traveling through. About 30 miles north of San Francisco. This is, without a doubt, the hardest physical thing I have ever done - or ever hope to!

Everyone is like family and it will be hard to leave them. See you next week! I'm loving every minute.