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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

July 8, 1997

Location: Miller Station, Wyoming - Between Granger and Fort Bridger.

Summary: River crossing!

Journal entry: Dear people of the world
What an exciting morning we get to cross a river and not on a bridge. We are going to cross the Black Fork

I left with the walkers this morning at 6am it was still cold outside but the water was alot warmer than I thought it would be. It came up to my thigh it was hard to push the handcarts out of the mud.

My dad said that it was fun driving a wgon through about 2 and a half feet of water. Two teams got stuck in the water and muddy bank one of our wagon master Bob Lowe his horse jumped at something and he fell in the water but he was okay.

Well it was a fun day we went about 18 miles We are staying by the side of highway 80 just outside Lymon Wyoming so this is Dan signing off.