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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

July 23, 1997

Location: Salt Lake Valley (the right place), Utah - The end destination for the trek across the plains.

Summary: This is the Place to Downtown Salt Lake -- Don't rain on my Parade

Journal entry: Amy and I got up to the Pioneer State park around 1:00, but we decided that it would be a big hassle trying to shuttle back to the park after today's leg of the journey. So, we drove down to the City/County office building and parked nearby, hoping to get a ride with someone back to the park. But, we got tied up there talking with people and making a phone call, and before we knew it, the wagons were almost to the end of the route.

The office building is a tall, stone building in downtown Salt Lake. It could easily be confused for a cathedral. There are trees all around, and nice green grass on the lawn. Across the street on the west side is an Arabic food restaraunt, one of my favorites. Before the office building was built, the lot was used as a final stopping area for wagon and handcart companies. Although I didn't walk the last 3 miles, I feel that I have arrived. We made it, but we had to trust in the Lord. He got us across.

I can now look forward. I can look forward to warm showers, soft beds, air conditioning, normal food, fresh fruit, sleeping in, driving in congested traffic, and the joys of planning a wedding.

I can also look back. The experience of walking across the plains will be a stepping stone for myself and Amy for the rest of our lives. I can only begin to think of the many lessons and analogies that I have learned about life, people, myself, and God. I only hope that our children will never bore of hearing us tell about "the trek".

Hi. This is Amy.
This has been an emotional week to say the least. It is hard to believe we are home. I wondered what it would be like when we got to the valley. What would it be like to just hang around with B.C. in normal 90s clothes. I love him as much as I did on the trek. Saying goodbye to the pioneers is hard, but somehow I don't feel like it's the end. I am sure we will be seeing and hearing from each other often. It will take awhile to adjust to college life again. The opportunity to participate in this trek is something I will always be grateful for. I feel like I am saying goodbye now. I may get another chance to write something here. Thanks again for all the encouraging words and buttons!
May God bless you all.