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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 8, 1997

Location: Elm Creek, Nebraska - Location: 40:43:10N 99:22:18W Elevation: 2262 feet

Summary: Marbles, llamas, and "duck, duck, goose, goose."

Journal entry: Dear People of the World
Today we traveled 16 miles to Elm Creek. I started out walking today and then I ended up sleeping the wagon for a few hours. Today we passed some llamas and it really scared some of the horses.

It has been very windy today, my mom says that sleeping in the wagon when it is windy and rainy is like a very turbulent airplane ride. 150 years ago the pioneers saw there first buffalo they killed six of them. They dried it and were grateful for the meat.

When I got to camp today we I was thrown in the horse trough it was cold but it was so windy that when I set my cloths out to dry they dried fast. We also played a game called marbles marbles it is played like duck duck goose but you drop a bag of marbles behind someone and they run and chase you. They are going to have a barber shop quartet and a dance.

Well I will see you tomorrow. See ya Dan the Man