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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 7, 1997

Image courtesy of: Heritage Gateway Project Images, These images have been gathered to support the Sesquicentennial celebration of the immigration to Utah.

Location: Kearney - 810 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 40:41:58N 99:04:52W Elevation: 2150 feet

Summary: Pancake flipping, walking, and joining the southern train.

Journal entry: dear people of the world,
we got to sleep in until 7AM what a treat, but by the time I got up I missed breakfst so I had to have cold cereal. But then I walked over to where they were fixing breakfast and there was this guy flipping pancakes and he was awesome. he would flip them right on to peoples plates. he gave me some pancakes.

I walked most of the day today because our horse has a bad leg.

We traveled our 17 miles and we are in the town Kearney. We are having kind of a celebration today and they are having dancing and celebrations.

We met the southern train today at about 2 pm so another 7 wagons joined the train. We now have about 35 wagons.

Ken happy birthday. ken is my friend from england.
seeya dan