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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

July 5, 1997

Location: Green River Crossing, Wyoming - Between Simpson's Hollow and Granger.

Summary: Late start and Little America.

Journal entry: Dear people of the world
We had alot of fun lighting fireworks last night Kimberly a lady from California took a bunch of us to Farson and we lit alot of fireworks that are illegal in Utah but not here.

Today was a long day we got up early but we didn't leave camp until 10:30. They were having a reenactment at Simpson Hallow it was dumb cause we couldn't see or hear anything that was going on.

We left that at about 1pm and still had to travel 19 miles to get to camp.

We got in about 7:30 and we decided to go and stay at Little America for the night We got to our room at 11pm boy was I tired.

Well this is Danny in a bed at Little America Wyoming