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Margaret Clark Journals

June 4, 1997

Location: Torrington, Wyoming - Location: 42:03:54N 104:10:52W Elevation: 4098 feet

Summary: Carolyn Rasmus - her own words.

Journal entry: Carolyn has been on the trail with us for a few days. She is a convert to the Mormon church and currently teaches Insitute at the Orem Institute of Religion. She wrote two poems and a short biography. The following words are hers.

I was drawn to the trail and felt compelled to come. My friends and I had arranged to ride a wagon, but felt walking would put me in touch wih the pioneers. As I've walked I've felt waves of empathy for the mothers-- pioneer and modern. Hence the writings on the next page. This has been a WONDERFUL growing experience for me.

THE TRAIL --- 1997 Hips hurt Feet sore Thoughts of them, give me more. Sun hot Trails long In my heart, still a song. Miles walked Memories made Let the lessons never fade.
Carolyn J. Rasmus

IT WAS THEIR MOTHERS WHO WERE THERE A tribute to Mothers - Pioneer and Modern-day In their arms At their breasts On their backs Under their feet A constant presence Hungry Tired Irritable Sick In constant need of care It was their Mothers who were there. In cold, long nights At coursing streams On hot plains Under rainy skies A constant need Unselfish Tireless Faithful Loving Ever giving care It was their Mothers who were there.
Carolyn J. Rasmus