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Margaret Clark Journals

June 22, 1997

Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming

Summary: A quiet Sunday in Jeffrey City.

Journal entry: No cowbell wake-ups this morning. It was a quiet, restful time and a lot of folks slept in. For me, I love to walk in the cool morning air and watch the sunrise. It is just so beautiful, and if you don't get up before it comes up, you miss the best of it. It's like walking through an new art gallery every morning, cause it is always different.

Church was very quiet today. We filled one whole side of the school gymnasium. The townspeople had requested we remove our shoes so as not to scuff up the floor, so we were all in our stocking feet, and it was so quiet. It just seemed especially reverent today. The Spirit was so strong. Many people bore their testimonies. It is just such a wonderful feeling to listen to these people you have grown to love, express their thoughts and feelings about the Savior and the influence this Wagon Train is having on their lives. This train is changing peoples, lives. I have seen evidence in the faces of folks who come for a few days and experience the incredible healing powers that are here.

Earl is one who came from Denver. He heard about something happening up here in Wyoming, hitchhiked here to check out the train, and is still here. He has grown so much in his testimony and his own self-worth. We have grown to love and accept him as one of our own. There are many others who are here and feel a great need to stay on. We do have a problem with this because we are allowed only a certain number of people on the train through Wyoming, and our quota is full.

Today was a day of letter writing and catching up on the journals. We also had Primary for the children, a youth song practice and song practice for the Wagon Train choir. I guess they plan on us singing somewhere down the line. Today was our weekly "fix".....our viewing of this weeks Odyssey Channel Legacy West series. If you get the Odyssey Channel, there is a 13 week series on the Wagon Train that is shown every Sunday. We usually view the tape that is shown the next week. It is so fun to see what we have done, listen to the stories again, see our friends whom we have grown to love and view the territory we have gone through. I am sure I will have to get that series for myself when this is all said and done. They have done an excellent job.

Well, this week we go through some of the most historic parts of the trail when it comes to the handcart companies. We will see the rescue site of the Willy Handcart Company and hopefully they will allow some of us to walk over Rocky Ridge. It is still a question whether we can.

We have with us Brother Glasier from the Church Educational System and he is giving us some great information on this area. I understand he will be here all week. He is driving one of our water trucks. Good to have all of you wonderful CES brethren with us. You offer us a wonderful service pulling the potties and water and whatever you do to help. HappyNetTrekking!