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Hosea Stout Journals

February 12, 1848

Summary: John Pack presented Council with a petition that dealt with pay for his whiskey.

Journal entry: Sat Feb 12th 1848. Council privately met at ten. Here a petition was presented by John Pack for pay for his whiskey which, after much discussion, was burnt. This I believe gave a finish to the idea, for those who had lost their whiskey, for ever getting payed. Council was engaged at this till noon, and then met again but I did not go. I was around as usual. After sunset the police concluded to have a party at the Ballroom, where they met & had an agreeable party till about Twelve. President Morley & some more good men attended and joined in the dance.

Source: On the Mormon Frontier: The Diary of Hosea Stout 1844-1861 Volume I - Edited by Juanita Brooks. Permission to use excerpts granted by Utah State Historical Society and the University of Utah Press.