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Brigham Young Journals

July 23, 1847

Summary: Main company begins to till and plant. Brigham catches first glimpse of the valley.

Journal entry: Friday. The advance company moved about three miles and encamped; Elder Orson Pratt called the camp together, dedicated the land to the Lord, entreated the blessings on the seeds about to be planted and on the labors of His saints in the valley. The camp was organized for work. Elders W. Richards and Geo. A. Smith exhorted the brethren to diligence.

11:30 a.m., the committee appointed reported that 20 rods by 40 had been staked off by them on which to plant beans, corn, and buckwheet; soil friable, loam and gravel.

About noon, the first furrow was turned over by Wm. Carter. Three plows and one harrow were at work most of the afternoon.

At two p.m., a company started to build a dam and cut trenches to convey the water on to the land.

At three, thermometer 96 degrees. A company commencd mowing the grass and preparing a turnip patch.

At six, a thundershower passed over the camp.

I ascended and crossed over the Big Mountain, when on its summit I directed Elder Woodruff, who had kindly tendered me the use of his carriage, to turn the same half way round so that I could have a view of a portion of Salt Lake valley.

The spirit of light rested upon me and hovered over the valley, and I felt that there the Saints would find protection and safety.

We descended and encamped at the foot of the Little Mountain.