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Margaret Clark Journals

July 1, 1997

Location: Farson, Wyoming

Summary: Fifteen year old Aaron.

Journal entry: Aaron says:

Hello all,
This is my first journal entry on the internet I am a 15 year old male from Peoria, Illinios and I came on the trek in Guernsey, WY. and are going the rest of the way into Salt Lake City.

I am here with a friend named Danny who is 14 turning 15 on July 7 out here on the trail. So far we have had an enjoyable experience. I am going in place of my two great, great grandfathers (Christian Hanson and Joseph Wallwork) I can feel them everyday.

Danny and I are here by ourselves and making most of our own food. Everything is holding out exept our tent. The zipper is off track and the door is comepletly open. Also today I lost my wallet when our tent was taken by the wind and when i say taken I mean about a half mile down a dry creek nearby our camp. My wallet had $20.00 in it so now I am short 20 dollars. Well today is my mothers birthday so I better go run and call her.