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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 16, 1997

Location: Maxwell, Nebraska - Location: 41:04:44N 100:31:28W Elevation: 2711 feet

Summary: A big day. Another horse accident.

Journal entry: Dear People of the World
We traveled 19 miles today. I got up at about 5:30 helped aroung camp and left for walking at 6AM It was cold but not too cold. I walked for 9 miles to the town of Maxwell. Then I jumped in our wagon and took a nap until lunch time.

For lunch it was the same ol same ol thing ham sandwich. After lunch I walked with the handcarts until camp. It was hot by then 88 degrees. We got to camp at 2:30. My friend said his mom would take us to this great pool where we swam yesterday.

Today a team of clydesdales ran off because one of their headstalls fell off. It ran across the road and down into the barrowpit and almost turned over but a guy named dan, not me, ran up on his horse named duke and stopped them. It was awesome.

The army is here helping us with water and stuff. Oh yeah we are staying at a airport and we have trains across the street and a highway in between. My dad goes planes trains and auntomobiles. He said it was a movie or something.

We are going to do a parade tomarrow for 4 miles but we get to sleep in late and you know that I love that. Well this is Dan the man Whitaker signing off from a airport in North Platte Nebraska.