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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

July 21, 1997

Location: Birch Springs, Utah - Between East Canyon State Park and This is the Place State Park.

Summary: Helicopter and ticks.

Journal entry: Dear people of the world
Today was a big long hard hot day. We went 23 miles up big and little mountain. The very first hill we went down from the camp gound was steep. We walked on black top all day. We all celebrated at the top of big mountain because we could kind of see the valley. It took us until lunch to get to the top.

When I got up there Gerry from the BBC came and gave me a ride in his helicopter. We went and circled around the wagons it felt weird going up down and sideways. He then put me down back on top of big mountain. We then walked down big mountain and did little mountain and we got to camp at about 2pm.

I had two little surprises on me when I got to camp-ticks.

We are all excited because tomarrow we are going to the valley. The wagons had a big accident today it was vals wagon he is a very lucky guy my dad said it was the worst accident he has ever seen. We also had a girl get lifeflighted because of sunstroke and about 4 others got carried out my ambulence.

Well it was a busy long day but full of excitement.

Well this is Dan at the top of little mountain waiting to go the valley.