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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 29, 1997

Location: Bridgeport, Nebraska - Location: 41:39:55N 103:05:55W Elevation: 3653 feet

Summary: Sleepy day on the trail.

Journal entry: Lately I have been sleepy on the trail. Within an hour I start to get sleepy, of course not if I'm walking... I just get tired. Unless I get into a really good conversation I get sleepy. When I get into camp I perk up. I slept hunched over on the front of Paul's wagon this morning and then moved to the day wagon that I haven't been except once. I don't like the day wagon because it is a huge hay wagon with rubber tires. It is a smooth clip-clop. The part that bothers me the most about the day wagon is that it doesn't really feel like I'm on the trek, so I avoid it like the plague. I only stayed there until lunch and then moved to the Anderson's wagon. There were 3 of us piled in the back. It got a little hot and we fell right to sleep.

After we got into camp I decided to do something a little lady like. I sewed.... or rather mended clothes. Someone should have taken a picture. I not only repaired my cloak but repaired Steve Sorenson's shirt and pants. Steve Sorenson is a large man in stature. He has piercing blue eyes and a thick goatee. His hair has gotten longer on the trek and he needs a hair cut. He refuses to get hair cut because he wants to see how scruffy he can look by the end of the trek. He works in the authentic camp and has a very dry whit. He has adopted me as his "little sister."

We had another shower today!!!! It felt wonderful. They were private stalls, which all the women were excited about. They were hot showers as well which put all of us on cloud nine. I think that was the longest shower I've had on the trek. I'm not long in the showers. After we came out the T.V. was on the the Jazz game was playing many people stayed to watch the game. It was the highlight of their day. Especially because they won.

After our shower Cyndi Proud and I ran across the street and got some food from a fast food place. It is amazing how much I can eat now. I am the human garbage disposal. I can eat at least triple what I could before. Cyndi and I had a large shake and a half and some pizza bread, and this was after two dinners already. We laughed and laughed about how much we could eat. We went back to the community center and ran around the track. We thought that was so funny running around in our outfits after eating so much. We thought we were going to throw up, but it felt heavenly to feel so stuffed because it so rarely happens. You know that feeling you get when you're so stuffed that you just feel like laying down and going to sleep? That exactly what we felt like.