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Wendy Westergard Journals

July 15, 1997

Location: Castle Rock Camp, Utah - Between Yellow Creek and Henefer

Summary: Super sleeper, caving in a skirt, and an appreciation for heritage.

Journal entry: Today I rode in the wagon to rest my body up. I rode in the back of the Winona, better known as the "sleep wagon." I was in the back with Shawn and Peter. The kids played up until first break. Somehow I slept through the whole thing. Either I was really tired or or I've become quite the individual. The kids told me that it was a really bouncy ride and they have no idea how I slept through so much jolting about. They told me my head was bouncing about and they were amazed that I didn't get whiplash. Well we can do amazing things out here that we never thought we would be able to do. That was one of them. I slept on and off all day today.

At lunch I took Libbie up to see the cave in which a lot the pioneers had carved their names and initials into the sandstone. I had seen pictures of this place before, or rather pictures of the signatures. It was nice to see what the cave actually looked like. I don't think I've seen so many people in a cave before. There was a little cranny that Libbie and I crawled somewhat through. It was kind of cool to sort-of caving. The only problem was the dress. There was no way to crawl in nooks and crannies with those skirts on. Where are pants when you need them?

There was also a hole in the ceiling of the cave in which light shines through. It looked really awesome because you could see the stream of light because of the particles of dust about and sand falling from the ceiling because people were playing on top of the cave. Many people would stick their heads through and we would take pictures. Daniel decided to sit in the hole. It was the perfect size. The only problem was over time he did he would send sand with him. I had so much sweat on the back of my neck that the dust just stuck to the back of my neck. It was kind of gross. I just wiped it off and thought oh well.

Rock Creek has given us a wonderful welcome. There is grass that we are sleeping on tonight. It is like sleeping on carpet. The area is beautiful. There is lush grass all around our camp and foothills along the northern side of us across from I-80.

They had a wonderful dinner that was prepared by the Park City stake with a band as well. We even got ice cream!!!

We now feel kind of like a circus. The public comes in the afternoon and early evening and then leaves when we go to bed. It's okay, we love the interest people are showing in their heritage. Not everyone can go on the trek, just as you are experiencing the trek through the Internet. These people are experiencing a part of it when they come out to visit is and their imaginations can run wild just as yours does as you read these words. I had hoped that people would become interested in their heritage and history on how we came to have the things we have now. This wagon train has given people a chance to experience that. I know that many have a greater appreciation for what they have and how we came about to get it now. I know that I do.