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Brigham Young Journals

June 12, 1847


Journal entry: Saturday. Traveled to the upper Platte Ferry and Ford 11 1/2 miles. Found our advance company had obtained the boat left by Greeve and company and had ferried the Missouri immigrant companies, for which they had received $34.00 mostly in flour at $2.50 per 100 lbs.

Several buffaloes, bears and antelopes killed.

Specimens of coal, mica, sandstone, limestone and quartz found.

Judge Bowman, the leader of one of the Missouri companies of emigrants was the father of "Bill Bowman" who had the custody of Joseph Smith at the time he escaped from Missouri.

Bill was ridden to death on a bar of iron by a mob led on by Obadiah Jennings, for aiding Joseph Smith and his companions to escape. Obadiah Jennings was one of the murderers engaged in the Massacre of the Saints at Haun's Mill, Oct. 30, 1838.

Judge Bowman said that Morgan, the Sheriff, who had the custody of the Prophet, Joseph, at the time of his escape from Mo., was in Oregon.