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Margaret Clark Journals

July 6, 1997

Location: Green River Crossing, Wyoming - Between Simpson's Hollow and Granger.

Summary: Happy Sunday Birthday, Art!

Journal entry: I slept so well last night. No mosquitoes! I took another shower this morning. What a luxury! One last night and one today. We did a lot of housekeeping chores today. We fixed my hubby, Art, a cake and birthday dinner, and went to the park at Green River, for a birthday picnic.

At 3PM we all met at the Green River Stake Center for church. We filled the church and the overflow area into the back hall. It was a great testimony meeting. We have had a lot of miracles happen in our camp these last few weeks.

Probably the greatest one is the recovery of Bre Cornell from her mule-wagon accident. She got up and bore her testimony of her accident and recovery. When she was thrown from the wagon and dragged across the sagebrush. Turbo stated that she looked like a rag doll. She was bleeding internally. At the scene, she was given a Priesthood blessing and taken to Rock Springs to the hospital. She was a prime candidate for surgery, but the bleeding had stopped. She was observed for several days before she was released. She is still in a great deal of pain with her broken ribs, but she is alive. This is a miracle.

Turbo was given a blessing after he had an encounter with a run-away horse. He had a dislocated shoulder that is healing remarkably well. Everyday we see the miracle of the power of the Priesthood at work. It is used frequently. Even my daughter, Nica, has not had any problems with her bloody noses since her blessing.

Today at the Green River Crossing, where the camp is, was a re-enactment of the crossing with a ferry. Forrest made the wooden ferry for this purpose. The five state wagons were ferried across and one handcart with Heber Dew as the walkers representative.

Tonight we shuttled our RV to the next campsite, Granger, then drove back to the Crossing, pitched out tent (in record time) and dove inside. The mosquitoes were terrible. Oh how those horses and mules appeared to be suffering from the insects. HappyNetTrek!