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Margaret Clark Journals

April 18, 1997

Location: Winter Quarters - 1014 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 41:21:41N 95:56:45W Currently the site of Florence, Nebraska, Winter Quarters was settled in September, 1846 as a temporary resting place for the pioneers. It is located just west of the Missouri river in Nebraska.

Summary: Arrived in Omaha late in the afternoon. Camping at Miller Park with many other pioneers....and horses.

Journal entry: I spent a few more hours this morning becoming acquainted with the computer and what it can do. It is more and more exciting to me that we can talk with you and answer your questions.

My sister and I arrived in Winter Quarters (or Florence) Nebraska late this afternoon. Many pioneers have already arrived with their wagons, handcarts, and horses. You have to be a little careful where you step.

People are excited to be here and be a part of this event. There are quite a few families with children along. I'll try to introduce you to them throughout our trek.

The weather is pleasant. There are gusty breezes at times but the temperature is warm during the day and cool at night. We met a lady named Sue who has come from England to walk the Mormon Trail. She is a grandmother. This is her fifth wagon trek.

And I finally met Danny who is also going to tell you about the trek. He is really cute with blonde, blonde hair. His dad broke his arm two weeks ago and had to have surgery. He is having a really hard time driving the wagons and working with the horses. Danny's brothers will be coming to help drive the wagon.

At Miller Park the city has set up a visitors' center and hostess room for all of the visitors. We get free drinks and cookies. I met Megan Dye. She is nine and a half years old and is in 4th grade at Minne Lusa Elementary School. This is a Pawnee Indian name. Her teacher is Mrs. Schimonitz. Megan says her school has a brand new computer lab. She likes to write stories on the computer. She helps her father run the visitors' center.

Tomorrow is a big celebration day in Florence. President Gordon B Hinckley [from the LDS (Mormon) church] will be here. I will tell you about the childrens' activities here at Miller Park.