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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 20, 1997

Location: Sutherland, Nebraska - Location: 41:09:25N 101:07:33W Elevation: 2959 feet

Summary: Graveside services, sand ruts, and pie.

Journal entry: Dear People of the World
Today we only travled about nine miles to a little town of Sutherland. We first stopped at a grave of a little boy that died on the trail 150 years ago. They said a special prayer there.

There are lots of cameras here today. Six wagons got to go through some sand ruts, the wagon master wouldn't let everyone. We didn't get to go we felt bad and a lot of people were mad. They should have let everyone go.

We got into camp at three and got set up. We had lots of friends stop at our wagon and visit a lady even brought a pie. We are looking forward to tomarrow we get to go across the prarie.

Well this is Daniel camping in a field in Sutherland Nebraska.