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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 31, 1997

Location: Scottsbluff - 541 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 41:52:00N 103:40:00W Elevation: 3880 feet

Summary: Hot, sweltering day.

Journal entry: Today was a longer day than we've ever had before. We walked 23 miles. I walked until lunch. It was eighty five degrees today. The humidity was also high in the morning. It made it tough, especially for the greenies. There were almost 200 walkers today. A lot of them were kids because this is a weekend. The kids all liked Joseph. He had a small cheering squad that was following him around like he was the mother hen. He kept making faces at them as they rode on the day wagon, because they were tired of walking.

When I got to town I was able to do laundry. I am so grateful for clean clothes. I've not been so grateful for clean clothes. I'll actually be wearing clean clothes to church.

We went swimming around 6 o'clock. It was a cool pool. I can't remember swimming feeling so wonderful. We all dunked each other many times and came up with most imaginative ways to jump of the diving board. Ryan Whitiker was the only one to land bad. His back had red marks all over it. He was so funny when he came out of the pool. Heber Dew was flipping us up into the air. We were having a blast. Modern things never seemed so wonderful.

The Bosselmans say hello to their grandfather. They are having fun. They got a little sweaty within the first hour, but are surviving great.