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Margaret Clark Journals

April 24, 1997

Location: North Bend, Nebraska - Location: 41:27:43N 96:46:46W Elevation: 1272 feet

Summary: The trip to North Bend, Nebraska

Journal entry: The most important part of my body is my feet. I have spent much time and effort caring for my feet. Sore feet are not funny when you have to walk and I don't care what anybody says, I'm wearing my most comfortable shoes--my sandals. I may have new blisters tonight but I have to try. If I had my choice, I'd go barefoot.

I slept under a full moon last night. No rain! But lots of dew. And by 4:30 A.M. --Wake up Time--it was frozen dew. My tarp over my bag had a layer of ice--but I stayed warm and dry. A good sleep!

We broke camp at 7:30 A.M. We have stragglers who run behind to catch up with the train. I guess I was one of them. Keeping up on the journals takes a lot of time, and I find my self running a lot of places, and being late most of the time.

Our trek took us out into the beautiful Nebraska farmland. The road was straight. No turns or twists or up or downs....level and straight. People gathered at the crossroads to wish us well. Ames Public School grades K-6 was there with their 34 students. District 87 school from Hooper, Neb. (a rural route) rode the train today. They have 16 kids in K-6. I spoke with Jane Flores (pronounced Floors) who said she had thought about naming her twins Mop and Glo..

We rounded the bend into North Bend (is that how you got your name?) and all the children from the Elementary School were on the curb to greet us along with all the townsfolk. Flags were out. What a greeting!

Grandpa Beck says he is feeling pretty good today. He brought a bunch of toys that he passes out to the kids as we pass by. He is a grand old guy. We also have on the trek Joseph Petramalo and his cousin, Joseph Flake. Their grandpa is Grandpa Petramalo. They're from Rexburg, Idaho, and Genola, Utah. They are going all the way to Utah. They are 13 and 11 years old. And their feet hurt. Did I tell you my feet hurt?

Tonight we camp in a huge field out by the golf course. I think I'll spread my bag out on the fourth green. It looks like a soft place.