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Osamu Sekiguchi Journals

May 3, 1997

Location: Grand Island (Sturh Museum), Nebraska - Location: 40:55:30N 98:20:30W Elevation: 1864 feet

Summary: Saturday, May 3, 1997 (Clear Day) Grand Island, Nebraska

Journal entry: [Translated by Hajime Nakagawa]

Everybody was tired because of the long rain. It was a fine day today, but the wind was cold, and we had to walk to make our bodies warm.

Grand Island is a big city, but it cannot compare with Tokyo. I wanted to buy a bottle of milk, but somebody told me I needed a car to get the nearest store, so I gave up the idea. We passed through the city to get to our campsite. I was shocked and excited when I saw some big stores. I thought I could hitchhike, but I decided to stay in camp.

Many people from the city visited us and took pictures with our wagons. Our camp was a wide open space where we could relax. I woke up at night and stared at the stars. The sky was very beautiful compared to the sky in Tokyo.