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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 4, 1997

Location: Torrington, Wyoming - Location: 42:03:54N 104:10:52W Elevation: 4098 feet

Summary: Henry to Torrington -- Wyoming!

Journal entry: When we awoke this morning, there was a dense cloud of fog covering the "Camp of Israel." It wasn't raining, but everything was soaked with a nice layer of moisture. By the time we hit the road, though, the sky had cleared and the sun was out. Our journey was a short 9 miles.

After only about half a mile, we crossed the border. Some folks cheered, others took pictures. The landscape looks about the same, but suddenly all the license plates on the cars are from Wyoming.

Our campsite is at the fair grounds in Torrington. The best thing about this place is the showers. They are clean, close by, and the water is warm. I might even take another one tomorrow morning just to celebrate.

Amy and I went into town to the public library. On this trip we both have developed a certain fondness for libraries. Part of the appeal is that they are air conditioned, free, and quiet. We logged onto the Internet for awhile and had fun. We walked a bit further and found a great little frozen yogurt shop, and then we had dinner at a small German/American place called "The Cabbage Patch." The food was good and it was cheap.

I will miss Nebraska. This is the first time I have ever been in Nebraska, and I have been greatly impressed. The fields, rivers, hills are wonderful. But the people are beyond description. I will never be able to repay all the kindnesses that have been shown to me and our group by the people of Nebraska. I will try, though, to be the kind of friend that they have been to us.