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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 23, 1997

Location: Sweetwater Station, Wyoming

Summary: Jeffery city to Sweetwater -- In a rut

Journal entry: We bid a bittersweet goodbye to the ghost town of Jeffery city this morning and started for Sweetwater station. The wagons immediately crossed the highway and followed the Oregon/Overland/Pony Express/Mormon trail ruts, while we stayed on the highway. That saved the walkers about 3 extra miles.

After about 10 miles on the highway, we met up with the wagons and had lunch. Amy and I had a great lunch: grapes and apples (brought by Amy's friends, the Smoots), peanut butter sandwiches, and ice cold milk (I have a small ice chest on the handcart).

We then got back in the original ruts and pulled the rest of the 9 miles to the Sweetwater river. The first few miles after lunch were very hot, dusty, and hard pulling through sand and sagebrush. As you step through the sage, it releases a strong odor. I don't know if it is pollen or some other odor, but it is very strong. It really bothered Amy's allergies, and she was suffering a lot in the heat. She ended up riding the rest of the way in a wagon. Just when we started getting really hot, thunderclouds moved in and shaded us. A cool breeze wisked the mosquitoes away. The Lord really did provide a "shadow by day and a pillar by night".

We are camped just about 200 yards up the hill from the Sweetwater river. This is where some people suggested that Amy and I get married. Apparently, there were quite a few weddings performed at this part of the trail. While it seems really romantic and all, we want to wait to be married in the Temple when we get to Utah. It is very important to us. I have been taught for years as a youth that the Temple is the most sacred place here on earth. I know that is true.

Hi -- this is Amy. We are in Sweetwater tonight. The mosquitos are still abundant and we are grateful when the wind blows them away for awhile. They are so tiresome. Walking mile after mile, swatting mosquitoes or fighting the wind is exhausting. I think this will be an interesting week. We have gradually moved into remoter areas. This week they say that we will have limited vehicle access for a few days. If we don't have rain it will be okay.