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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

June 9, 1997

Location: Glendo, Wyoming - Location: 42:30:10N 105:01:32W Elevation: 4714 feet

Summary: Thirty miles and sore mule shoulders.

Journal entry: dear people of the world
Well the week begins. Today is a thirty mile day it was tough. We used Leo and Louis today to give the mules a rest their shoulders are sore.

I walked half a day and then I was a camp jack. It help some people set up tents and carry stuff. It was beautiful.

We also had to go down a great big hill. Some people put on wheel locks so that their back wheels couldn't roll. It is fun to see some of the wagons tip just a little but is was also good that no one was hurt or anything.

The walkers didn't get to camp until 8pm it was a long day and then they had to go and get their cars.

Guess what tomarrow is another thirty mile day too. Their was no where to eat in town except a little drive in.

Well this is dan in a little airfield in Glendo Wyoming.