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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

June 16, 1997

Location: Willow Springs, Wyoming - Location: 44:18:42N 104:08:18W

Summary: Camp in the middle of nowhere.

Journal entry: Dear people of the world,
Today we traveled 28 miles. Were are on BLM grounds now BLM grounds are government owned land.

We we're camping in the middle of nowhere.

It rained during the day pretty hard at lunch so 8 of us sat under a handcart while it was raining.

Today was also pretty sandy I was with the walkers all day. We got a long way behind the wagons. Today we didn't leave till 7:30.

It also rained really hard at night it was so muddy and slick that some cars got stuck trying to come back to camp

thank you guys for reading my things I write. I'll try to answer some of your questions. They don't give me all of them.

Yesterday was oneof the hottest days of the whole trip.

This is Daniel some where in Wyominng.