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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

June 28, 1997

Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming

Summary: Pioneers and peanut buttter?

Journal entry: Dear people of the world,
Today is Saturday and we are going into Rock Springs Someone told me that I am only three and a half hours from home It seems funny that It will take me until July 22 to get there.

Our horse trailer has two flat tires on it so my dad and brother Brent are fixing it.

We didn't get home from the movie until 1:30 because we had to go so far.

It is a pretty hot day today. Some little dins had found lots of ticks on them


I haven't had one. People are here looking around and stuff They always say stuff like did the pioneers have peanut butter? I always say no but I bet they wish they could have. Funny questions.

Well this is Dan on a windy hilltop in Wyoming

PS Hello Cullen Colton Darren and all my other midway friends.