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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

May 28, 1997

Location: Broadwater, Nebraska - Location: 41:35:46N 102:51:08W

Summary: Lisco to Broadwater - Bluffs, courtship, and the search for Chimney Rock.

Journal entry: Before we left this morning, I was making sandwiches in Virginia's camper, and I mentioned that we are getting close enough to see Chimney Rock with binoculars. Taking my hint, she put her binoculars in her hand cart. We got going and travelled along the highway all day under overcast skies and a slight breeze.

About five miles into our hike, I made my way to the top of a nearby hill and, using Virginia's binoculars, I spent a half-hour trying to pick out the famous spire of Chimney rock on the horizon. After straining my eyes, all I could spot were a few other interesting formations. Brian Hill later told me that these were Castle Rock and Jailhouse Rock (is that where Elvis got his inspiration?) I have made it a personal quest to be the first in our company to see Chimney Rock. So far, nobody else has. I will be on every bluff we come near with Virginia's binoculars until I have achieved my goal.

We stopped for lunch right below what are called the "ancient ruins bluffs." They are some cliff formations that remind me of southern Utah. We finally arrived in Broadwater after walking about 15 miles. This town is small, and the camp is spread over two or three blocks. Most of the walkers are camped in the city park. That is where I am right now. Some are roasting marshmallows, others are singing or just preparing for bed right now.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time Amy and I have spent together. Nothing else can compare. I can't imagine getting to know her as well as I have if we had been limited to movies or bowling on Friday nights. We have calculated that the amount of time we spend together each day amounts to the number of hours the average couple (students) is together during an entire week. I have not had to buy any movie tickets, no bowling shoes, no fancy restaurants The only flowers I have given her are wild flowers that I have picked myself. The only dancing we have done is the Virginia reel or a waltz, dodging little children in the attempt. No scary phone calls to ask her out. In fact, the only "date" we have had was last night, when I "asked her out" to the program at the school We have seen each other right when we wake up and emerge from our tents, and I have not yet seen her with makeup on. If I ever do it might shock me!

Amy and I are in love. In fact, we love and respect each other so much that we have committed ourselves to a few simple rules so we can avoid physical intimacy before marriage. In public, we limit ourselves to holding hands. We have also decided to only kiss each other on the cheek until we get back home to Utah. Then we will only show affection when we are around friends or family. We feel that our "rules" are for our safety, and that we will cherish each other more if we follow them I just kissed Amy goodnight (on the cheek). I'd better go to bed too.