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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 15, 1997

Location: Brady, Nebraska - Location: 41:01:20N 100:22:02W Population (1980): 377

Summary: Best birthday ever.

Journal entry: Today is my birthday. I walked all day, which was 15 miles. It didn't feel as long as it usually does. It went really fast. It was extremely hot!!!!

My parents were on the trail for the first time. They were late at the beginning. I was worried because I thought that they wouldn't make it. It meant sooo much for them to be sharing this experience with me. I've done a lot of different adventures and they have not been able to participate in them with me. It made all the difference in the world to have them on the trail. I got a little choked up. Most of the people I didn't know before I was on the trail.

When we came into camp I knew that eventually I would get dunked into the horse trough. I didn't want to get thrown in with the new dress that my mother had made for me. Heber called me over to where a lot of people. I didn't want to come over because I thought that they were going to put me into the horse trough. They didn't. What happened was they gave me a big present that they had all chipped in on. There were about 20-30 people that had chipped in. I was so shocked. I even got a little choked up. I didn't realize I had so many friends along with making such a difference in people's lives.

I changed clothes after they gave me the present and then Heber grabbed me and started to carry me over to the horse trough. I was kicking and screaming. I fought him all the way. He had me in a good locked grip. I couldn't get out. They proceeded to throw me in the trough 6 more times. I fought them every time. They had to have a bunch of people on me. Everyone helped. Over all it was the best birthday I can remember.