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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 24, 1997

Location: Silver Creek, Wyoming

Summary: I slept in the wagon!!!!!

Journal entry: We went 14 miles today. It was hilly. It was a pretty easy walk, but hard when pulling or pushing a handcart. It was a sunny day. We climbed up to the top of a plateau. We could see all around. It was gorgeous. There were hills and small mountains all around with slick rock sticking out. In the distance, to the west, we could see the white snow capped mountains. It was a beautiful sight to see. It was a little scary to think we'll be walking and climbing over them- rather than driving. We sang songs and walked together. We have become a close knit family.

We came into camp which is a field. this is the most sagebrush we've see so far. Putting our tents down has been interesting. Beds are lumpy because there is absolutely NO flat areas that are clear.

After we all got into camp and got everything taken care of most everyone went to sleep (nap) Everyone was dog tired. I slept from 1 pm-6 pm. Lots of us woke up for dinner. Dinner is a very social time. We gather in groups to eat or wander around talking to people as we eat.

Mike Dunn, the leader of the walkers, shaved off his goatee. He looks good- and so much younger.

I played cards with Daniel and some of his friends before getting ready for bed. We played Hearts. It was fun. Daniel is such a fun kid. He's so energetic and friendly with friendly with people. He's so tan now, and his hair is bleached REALLY blond. HE's got a bit of natural curl in his hair and it's a little longer on top. It looks like he stuck his finger in a socket. He's always got a grin on his face. He walked barefoot for a couple of miles with Amy and Cyndi. He kept commenting about how he felt a lot like the pioneers would have felt. He's growing and feeling some of the spirit of the trail. I know it.

Tonight I get to sleep in the Anderson's wagon. It has been so neat to sit on the wagon writing in my journal, looking occasionally to see the sunset. It is now at the point that the silhouette of the wagon is outlined by the last of the colorful sunset. The flags point up at the end of the wagon. I can hear the rustling of the horses nearby. Their chains jingle when they move their heads and short. I can hear them paw at the ground with their hooves. The breeze is gently blowing. It's like being home. This moment I've dreamed of all my life- sitting here preparing to sleep in a wagon looking at the sunset. I thank the Lord everyday for this opportunity.