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Wendy Westergard Journals

July 2, 1997

Location: Farson, Wyoming

Summary: Mammouth ice cream.

Journal entry: Today is a rest day in Farson. I slept in until 10 am. It felt great. One reason that I was able to sleep so long was because I got in from eating in Rock Springs around 12 midnight and got to bed at 1 am.

I went on an ice cream fest today along with the rest of the camp. There was alaways a line. We didn't mind. We are always in line for something...dinner, porta-potties etc. I had 2 big ice creams..... chocolate and vanilla.

This has started to be a rest time of modernization. We went back into Rock Springs to watch a movie, Men in Black. It was an awesome movie. It was funny, good plot great. The end messed with our heads. It was great. I fell asleep. I was so tired. I got out of the car and got ready for bed and quickly went to sleep.

The Lord certainly knew what he was doing in that we needed those rest days. Our bodies along with the horses bodies are so worn out. Most of us have lost weight. This kind of exercise does wear on the body. We were truly blessed in having these rest days. Some of the young people got restless and couldn't figure out anything new to do, but it was good for us.