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Osamu Sekiguchi Journals

April 27, 1997

Location: Columbus, Nebraska - Location: 41:25:47N 97:22:05W Elevation: 1441 feet

Summary: April 27, 1997 (Cloudy Day)

Journal entry: [Translated by Tomoko Nakayama]

We stayed in Columbus both yesterday and today. The original pioneers didn't travel on Sunday because it is the Sabbath, so we don't travel on Sundays either. This has helped me a lot. I should be preparing for tomorrow's travels now, but I'm too tired to do anything.

Because I always say, "I need to send e-mail," many people tell me various things; "Someone has a cellular phone." "There is a student who knows a lot about computers." "My dad has a Japanese abacus." People happily tell me many things, some of them are very important and others which are meaningless. I think this is why people say that Americans are friendly.

Today's most useful information was from Kathy. She is from Liverpool, England. She said, "I saw a phone outlet over in that storehouse." I thought I need to check this out. This was a grand discovery, since my cellular phone didn't work well.

When I went there, there was a phone jack near the entrance! I could finally send e-mail! After asking a nearby person for permission, I tried to start the computer. But no matter how many times I tried, it didn't connect. A Nippon Net worker told me of access points in San Fransisco and Omaha, so I tried Omaha because San Fransisco was too far.

"It didn't work." I thought. "What's wrong?"

Wait.... Maybe....

"Piiiiii" It connected! What a comforting sound this high tone was. I hadn't heard it in such a long time. The problem was I needed to change the setting from "tone" to "dial". In the Midwest, phones don't give off audible tones. They are not "user friendly" yet.