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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 27, 1997

Location: Lisco, Nebraska - Location: 41:29:50N 102:37:11W

Summary: Walking in the wrong shoes.

Journal entry: Today I walked with my snow boots. I didn't have my arthotics. My feet hurt SO bad.

We got into camp. About 15 of us rode into town bareback. We nicknamed ourselves the "bareback posse." Paul fell off his horse 5 times. It was so funny we all teased him about it unmercifully. It was the big joke around the camp.

Then John Cornell started to trot. He was bouncing at least 10 inches of the back of the horse. It was amazing that he didn't fall off more than once. It was so funny that every time I saw him I would laugh so hard that I would lose control of my muscles and I was afraid that I would fall off.

That made the day.