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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 28, 1997

Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming

Summary: Rest day at Pacific Springs

Journal entry: Amy and I spent most of the day back in Atlantic City. We spent the night with the re-enactment camp, up in the pines. A lot of people have been reluctant to leave this campsite, because it is away from the sagebrush, dust, and wind.

In the afternoon, we helped load all the authentic gear into trucks to be transported to our next campsite. Most of the gear comes from the Pioneer Village at the state park in Salt Lake. Tin cups and cutlery, wooden crates, and canvas tents, cast iron pots and kettles, fire pans, and authentic clothing are what make the camp look authentic. I love to visit their camp, because I feel I am really stepping back into the past.

I have noticed that my boots are falling apart. The rubber at my toes is coming away from the leather toe, the sole is cracking, and the seam is ripping again. Of course, these boots have walked over 980 miles on the Mormon Trail, not to mention various backpacking trips in the Uintas and many trips up Camelback Mountain in Phoenix and Rock Canyon in Provo. John Lodefink kindly offered his second pair to me, but I will first try to make these worn-out boots make it the last 200 miles to the Salt Lake valley. I think they might make it.