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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 4, 1997

Location: Torrington, Wyoming - Location: 42:03:54N 104:10:52W Elevation: 4098 feet

Summary: Short day of travelling.

Journal entry: We only travelled 8 miles today. I rode on the tailgate of the Dicken's wagon. Up until the first break I sat with Sara and Nathan. After that Sara went up to Pat Fielding's wagon and Nathan rode a horse. There was a group of young people riding their horses along side the wagon. They were having a grand ol' time. I'm not allowed to ride horses on the trail because I haven't been approved to ride. I wished that I could be there with them. They were having so much fun. I would love to run, trot, gallop or walk along side the train. Luckily when we get into camp I sometimes get the opportunity to ride.

Shauna Dicken had her outrider go get some pizza from Pizza Hut when we stopped along side one. The out rider came back after a while and we all shared a pizza along the trail. Pizza has never tasted so good. A lot of the film crews got Donna as she brought the pizza back to the wagon. There was another helicopter today for just before we arrived into town.

When we got to camp we shuttled our vehicles and then went back a campsite and cleaned up manure. It was fun because we did it with a lot of friends. It also helped us to feel a bigger part of the train. We also got to see the "behind the scenes" jobs that we don't realize how much work is being done. That helped us to have a better feel for other people.