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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 28, 1997

Location: Pacific Springs, Wyoming

Summary: (You had to have been there...)

Journal entry: Today was a rest day in Pacific Springs. I woke up feeling okay around 9 am, but soon ther after began to feel very sick. I layed in Mararget's camper forever, visiting the porta potties every so often. The only connection I can make in how I got sick was because I drank some of the water from the river. Ben had done the same yesterday and we both were sick with the same kind of thing.

Around 4:30 pm. I got up and started to walk around. I was feeling a little bit better. We had to do one more film thing for the Germans that evening. Time life was also there to take pictures as we acted for the cameras. We pulled the handcart up and down a ridge around 4-5 times. We did a good job. Luckily they didn't have me pull because I wasn't up to snuff yet.

The Germans promised to feed us later after they had totally filmed for the rest of the day... They are leaving tomorrow. We met them in Lander Wyoming. It was by then 11 pm. Everywhere seemed to be closed. We ended up eating at the only place that was open at that time of night. It was called the Highlander Cafe, I think.

This place wasn't used to having so many people show up at one given time epecially that time of night. Both the cook and the waitress got a little nervous especailly when she realized how much we could eat. She was the only waitress and there was only one cook. We found out later it was only his 4th day. It was one of the most funny experiences I have ever had. They were so overwhelmed with our order.

When we had walked in the kitchen was really quiet, after we finished ordering it was brimming to the top. The cook was racing around like a chicken with its head cut off. He still had to ask where half of the food was, this made us a little nervous, but we didn't realize it was only his 4th day. The cook even had to look at the menu. It made us really nervous, but it was funny and we were laughing the whole time.

She, the waitress, was in such a hurry that she unloaded all the sauces that she thought we might need and then came back and just gave us all the silverware we would need in a handful on the table. We thought that was even more funny. When she brought out our food only one part was wrong. Ica was supposed to have potato salad rather than french fries. When he informed the waitress of this she just replied, "Oh, just keep them." We all thtought this was extremely funny. It made the whole night. We will never forget this night.

Later Ica got out his camera and started interviewing the employees. This made it even funnier for us because we couldn't believe that he was filming this. He enjoyed it, and it was his last night. It was only for his personal use to remember the trip. It made the dinner all the more memorable. I know that I'm not communicating how funny it was, maybe it was a "had to be there situation", but try to imagine.