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William Clayton Journals

August 17, 1847

Location: Salt Lake Valley (the right place), Utah - The end destination for the trek across the plains.

Summary: The Brethren organize into designated companies for the journey.

Journal entry: TUESDAY, 17TH. Started out at 8:10 and found the distance to the mouth of the canyon five miles, the difference arising from making a road across instead of following the first one. One and three quarters of a mile farther arrived at where the company had camped for the night and found them all ready to start, only waiting for President Young to arrive and give some instructions but he sent word he should not come and we started forward.

Elders Kimball and Richards soon overtook the company, gave some instructions, then returned and the company moved on. On arriving at Birch Spring, we encamped for the night, having traveled thirteen and a half miles. There is considerable danger of cattle miring near the spring and several have already had to be pulled out. This company consists of seventy-one men with thirty-three wagons.

After climbing the brethren were called together by Captain Roundy for the purpose of organizing. He briefly stated the manner of the organization of the camp when we left Winter Quarters and it was unanimously voted to organize after the same pattern which was done as follows:


  • Joseph Skeen, Captain
  • Wm. Burt
  • Artemas Johnson
  • James Dunn
  • James Cazier
  • Joseph Shipley
  • Geo. Cummings
  • Samuel Badbam
  • Thos. Richardson
  • Roswel Stevens


  • Zebedee Coltrin, Captain
  • Chester Loveland
  • Lorenzo Babcock
  • Samuel H. Marble
  • Geo. Scholes
  • Francis Boggs, Captain
  • Sylvester H. Earl
  • Almon M. Williams
  • Will. Bird
  • Josiah Curtis
  • John S. Eldridge
  • Horace Thornton


  • Francis Boogs
  • Geo. Wardle
  • Seeley Owens
  • Clark Stillmin
  • Tunis Rappleyee, Captain of lst Division
  • James Cazier, Captain of Battalian IST Division
  • Sylvester H. Earl
  • Almon M. Williams


  • Jackson Redding, Captain
  • Wm Carpenter
  • Henery W. Sanderson
  • Bailey Jacobs
  • John Pack
  • Robert Baird
  • Benj. W. Rolfe
  • Thos. Cloward
  • Lisbon Lamb
  • Wm Clayton


  • John H. Tippets, Captain
  • Francis T. Whitney
  • James Stewart
  • Chas. A. Burke
  • Wm. McLellan
  • Norman Taylor


  • Allen Cumpton, Captain
  • Franklin Allen
  • John Bybee
  • David Garner
  • J. Averett
  • Harmon D. Persons
  • John G. Smith
  • Solomon Tindal
  • Philip Garner
  • Chas. Hopkins
  • Mirnabas Lake


  • Andrew J. Shoop, Captain
  • Albert Clark
  • Lyman Stevens
  • Lyman Curtis
  • John S. Gleason
  • Myron Tanner
  • Rufus Allen
  • Francillo Durfee
  • Erastus Bingham
  • Loren Kenney
  • Beni. Roberts
  • Jarvis Johnson
  • James Hendrickson
  • John Calvert
  • Daniel Miller
  • Lutber W. Glazier
  • Thos. Bingham
  • Shadrack Roundy, Captain of 2nd Division.
  • John Gleason, Captain of Guard

The soldiers were numbered with the 2nd Division. 3rd and 4th tens. Those who have horses to ride were then numbered and their duty pointed out which is to lead the way and fix the road where it needs it; look out camping places; drive the loose cattle and hunt for the camp. Their names are as follows :

  • John Pack, Captain
  • Samuel Badham
  • Francillo Durfee
  • Benj. Roberts
  • Thomas Bingham
  • James Hendrickson
  • John Eldridge
  • R. 1. Redding
  • Seeley Owens
  • Barnabas Lake
  • Wm. Bird
  • Daniel Miller
  • James Cazier

Source: William Clayton's Journal

Published by the Clayton Family Association, and edited by Lawrence Clayton. To the best of our research, this contents of this book are no longer under copyright.