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Wendy Westergard Journals

July 5, 1997

Location: Green River Crossing, Wyoming - Between Simpson's Hollow and Granger.

Summary: Wagons west.

Journal entry: Today we only went 19 plus miles, but it felt like 30. We got into camp around 7 pm. The wagons left camp around 10:30 am. because we were going to be a mile away from where President Hinkley spoke. We were supposed to be able to hear him, but we couldn't hear a word. Some people were very upset. Luckily Odessy got it all on film, hopefully they will let us view the tape.

The trail was extremely dusty. Many of us were wearing bananas to try and save ourselves from the dust. People told me after we got into camp that they could see the dust for miles before they could even see the train. Now I understand why the Indians never had to look very hard for the white man coming. We couldn't be missed for hours before we showed up in their terriory.

I realized why I felt so unsatisfied yesterday and was ready for this to end. It was becasue I hadn't been fulfilling my dream of being with the wagons. My dream was doing "the west." I associate the travel of that time period with the west. My mind switches to pioneer time much easier if I ride with the wagons. Now I'm back to wanting this to go on. I will make sure that I spend a little more time with the wagons. I don't want to do another crabby mood again. It wasn't very fun.

I was on Paul's wagon all day today. Luckily I got at least an hour's nap. I haven't slept much in the past couple of days. I got to ride Susie the mule in camp today for about 10 minutes. We trotted and I posted. It was great.

There are so many mosquitos here. It's nuts. It's driving me nuts. I don't know how much of the mosquitos I can take, but a thick hazy cloud of mosquitos buzzing around my face is not one of them. I may just be putting up my dome tent if I can find Margaret.

Nathan came back to camp around 9 pm to get Amy, Cyndi and I so we could take showers at their family's motel room. So nice of him. We needed it, we human dust balls. It hasn't even been that long since our last shower. Who could ask for more right now. I'm CLEAN!!!!!