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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 31, 1997

Location: Scottsbluff - 541 miles left, Nebraska - Location: 41:52:00N 103:40:00W Elevation: 3880 feet

Summary: Peace pipe and a couple dollar pizzas.

Journal entry: dear people of the world Today we traveled 20.5 miles to Scottsbluff. I walked all day I thought that I would pass out it was so hot. We didn't get into camp until 3:30 so by the time we got camp setup it was 5pm.

We went swimming at a local pool and swam for a couple of hours and then we came back to camp and our parents had left us so we went to pizza and they burned our pizza so we ended up with two pizzas for two dollars what a deal.

We had some Sioux Indian dancers come and smoke the peace pipe with the wagon masters. (They really didn't smoke a pipe) anyway a fun day I am glad that tomarrow is a rest day.

Well this is dan from a John Deere tractor field in Scottsbluff Nebraska.