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William Clayton Journals

April 17, 1847

Summary: Walking and gun instructions.

Journal entry: SATURDAY. This morning the weather's severely cold, with a strong wind from the north and northwest. We started out at nine o'clock and traveled till near 12:00 the distance being about seven miles. We camped close by a cottonwood grove, and the brethren fell hundreds of them to feed their teams and save corn. There is a small lake close by but the water is not good and the brethren go to the river about a half a mile. At 5:00 p.m. the camps were called together and organized in military order as follows :

  • Brigham Young, Lieutenant General.
  • Stephen Markham, Colonel.
  • John Pack and Shadrack Roundy, Majors.

The Captains of 10's to be captains of 10's in this order, except John Pack, who being appointed major Appleton M. Harmon was appointed captain in his stead.

Thomas Bullock, clerk of the camp. Thomas Tanner captain of the cannon with the privilege of choosing eight men to manage it in case of necessity. The President then said, "After we start from here, every man must keep his loaded gun in his band, or in the wagon where he can put his hand on it at a moment's warning. If they are cap locks, take off the cap and put on a little leather to keep wet and etc. out. If flint locks, take out the priming and fill the pan with twine or cotton," etc.

The wagons must keep together when traveling, and not separate as they have previously done, and every man to walk beside his own wagon, and not leave it only by permission. A while before evening one of the trader's wagons came from the Pawnee village, loaded with furs and peltry, and camped about one quarter of a mile below us. At night Eames and Hanson played some on their violins. All peace and quietness. At night I slept with Egan in Heber's wagon, Heber being gone to sleep with President Young.

Source: William Clayton's Journal Published by the Clayton Family Association, and edited by Lawrence Clayton.

To the best of our research, this contents of this book are no longer under copyright.