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Osamu Sekiguchi Journals

April 26, 1997

Location: Columbus, Nebraska - Location: 41:25:47N 97:22:05W Elevation: 1441 feet

Summary: Saturday, April 26, 1997

Journal entry: [Osamu Sekiguchi has technical difficulties. He cannot send E-mail by his phone. He sends E-mails by pay phone when they get to cities. Translated by Hajime Nakagawa.]

When we reached Columbus, Mark and Cathy turned out from the wagon train, and left for home. They are having a grandchild next month. Both of them work for a university in Logan, Utah. Mark was formerly a professional basketball player for two years in Europe.

"We will miss you..."

We, my family, couldn't find the words for what we wanted to say except this. "I will miss you, too," Cathy said.

Mark and Cathy hugged my children, Yuji and Koji, with tears in their eyes. Lots of reminiscences came into our minds like how hard it was walking in the rain, like the time our horse grew restive and almost upset our wagon, and so on.

"If the kids have any problems, we will come back any time," Cathy said through her tears. Tears welled up in Takako's and my eyes. The tears bit my sunburnt, rough face.

"Can you take care of your horse, Osamu?" Mark asked me.

"I think so," I answered.

Tomorrow is Sunday. We rest on the Sabbath the same way the Mormon pioneers did. I felt at ease thinking of not breaking camp tomorrow.