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Margaret Clark Journals

May 15, 1997

Location: Brady, Nebraska - Location: 41:01:20N 100:22:02W Population (1980): 377

Summary: Into Brady

Journal entry: It was a nice cool sleeping night last night. Not cold this morning. Jeff showed up quite early, we did a morning shuttle on our cars, and got back just in time for him to join the handcarts. I had a few things to do in town (Gothenburg) and waved good-bye. He is such a likeable guy. I sure hope this handcart thing is OK for him. But you just don't really KNOW the trail unless you do it.

We just happened to be across a lake when we got back to camp and the wagons were going down the road across the lake. Jeff got some incredible shots with his panoramic camera. Maybe he can get that really neat one on the net. When I joined up with the group, Jeff had really been pulling the handcart. I was impressed.

The first thing I noticed about the trip today is that there are hills. Real contour to the horizon. Not your flat again, same old stuff. Jeff calls them Utah speedbumps. But for a Utah girl who was born and raised and hiked the Utah mountains her whole life, this was excitement. If I closed my eyes, I could almost see the buffalo. Dark hides, slowly moving herds. The pioneers had problems getting enough feed for their animals because the buffalo ate the grasses.

Another thing I have noticed about the land. It is becoming very dry and arid. The lush greens of miles gone by are now short and brown. When you walk across the fields, the dry grass crunches under your feet. We also have those stickly little prickly round thistles that stick to everything. And they hurt when you try to get them off.

I went walking a few feet from our camp in Brady and found a cemetery. One of the obvious plants in the cemetery was a prickly cactus and there were a lot of them It was obvious there had not been much rainfall this Spring. The cactus were quite shriveled. This cemetery was quite interesting. There were a few small unmarked graves and some new modern ones. The one that stands out in my mind was the man who was born in the 1830s and died 1867, He probably saw a lot of pioneers pass by his door before he died.. In this cemetery was a lovely lilac bush in full bloom. They sure smelled good.

Our evening meals have been great and we usually get some really good entertainment too. Brady, for your size (about 300), you really came across very nicely for us. Thanks so much.

Jeff and I spent some late hours working on computer stuff. Let's hope everything works now. He is good and has a mean-looking knife. The kids had a tendency to swarm him. He makes up some great stories..Don't forget to do your journal entry, Jeff, and let us know how you liked your few days with us.