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Margaret Clark Journals

July 13, 1997

Summary: Sunday in Evanston

Journal entry: This morning I looked out of our tent and there was frost on the ground and on the windows of the cars. I guess it got a little cold this morning. We are camped not with the wagon train camp, but at an LDS church ballpark with several other wagon trainers. It was a smaller campsite last night and some of us decided to ease the space burden. We had a bunch of kids out on the ground last night. They were covered with blankets and bags and stayed warm.

This morning, church was held at camp, but those of us in town....some of us chose to attend church here at the local ward. I think we were at the 5th ward. (?) It was certainly a wonderful meeting. It is so nice to know that no matter wherever I go for church in the whole world, it is always the same church, the same doctrine, the same lessons, the same world leaders. It is like going home.

We went to choir practice at the camp. We will be singing in Hennefer this Thursday for a program there. It is supposed to be a wonderful occasion. I hope that people will come to this celebration. It is supposed to be held in a very large field, and that they are expecting a lot of people. It's kind of funny, because we have been told that the crowds and crowds of people are going to be huge the closer we get to Salt Lake, and we have yet to see the crowds.

My guess is that people have been told that there will be a lot of people, so nobody comes...to avoid the crowds of people. It has been this way all along the trek. So, if you want to come and enjoy the day and be part of our celebration, come! Don't be afraid of the crowds. So far, there have been very few people. And I understand that Heneffer has planned for people. So come! Be with us. We want you to help us celebrate the pioneers with us.

Amy has received a lot of buttons. Some of them are absolutely beautiful. Many are very old. We are having a lot of fun looking at them all. We are also working on the quilt today. We hope to get it done....soon. Evanston is a lovely town. We sure do want to thank you for making us feel welcome here. HappyNetTrekking!!