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Eliza Roxcy Snow Journals

June 20, 1847

Location: North Bend, Nebraska - Location: 41:27:43N 96:46:46W Elevation: 1272 feet

Summary: Sunday - Learn of fight between several men and a band of Indian braves.

Journal entry: This mor. heard the painful news of a combat between Jacob Weatherbee & another br. & three Indians. Br. W. was shot by one of the Indians, thro' the body, while endeavoring to prevent them robbing his wagon. Those 2 brethren had been sent back to Winter Quarters on business & were at the time of the encontre about 7 1/2 ms. on the other side the Horn. My health ill today not able to attend the general meeting, but Sis. Chase, Sessions, met with us at br. Peirce's wagons & we had a rejoicing time.

Our manner of encampment, which we commenc'd last night is by joining the wagons in a circle so as to form a yard for the herd; each hundred by itself.

Source: Eliza Roxcy Snow: Personal Writings © edited by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher 1995. All rights reserved. Rights were granted by Ms. Beecher (editor), the University of Utah Press (publisher), and Huntington Library in Pasadena, California (owners of the original diary) to publish the transcribed contents of Eliza R. Snow's diaries for educational use.
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