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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

July 13, 1997

Location: Bear River - 63 miles left, Wyoming - (6 rods wide, 2 feet deep. Swift current - clear and cold water; plenty of timber and grass. Altitude at ford, 6,836 feet.) - [Nine more miles and Brigham Young became sick with tick fever on July 12.] 950 1/4 miles from Winter Quarters.

Summary: Rest day at Bear River crossing -- church, choir, and a long-awaited nap

Journal entry: Some of us went to church in Evanston and not with the wagon train. The ward we attended was really nice. Everyone sang so enthusiastically, and the speakers spoke about pioneers. We were touched to hear the local members pray for the wagon train during the meeting.

After church we drove out to the wagons to have choir practice. The group is getting bigger, and either as a result or by mistake, we are sounding better. Hopefully by Thursday we will sound great. We still practice using a tape recording of the Tabernacle Choir, which makes it kind of fun to watch the conductor, Sandy Vanleewen. She does her best, but the orchestra never obeys her. And it is really hard to tell a tape recorder to go back to page 12 and start on the second measure of the third line. Alas, we will do all right.

I finished off the afternoon with a nap. Amy went into the Sorenson's canvas teepee, and I found an empty wagon. It was glorious. All is well.