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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

June 18, 1997

Location: Martin's Cove - 302 miles left, Wyoming - Not mentioned in Clayton's journal. Fifty-six members of the Martin Handcart Company died here while waiting out a fierce storm, November 1856. - About 707 miles from Winter Quarters.

Summary: Sleeping bags, signs, singing, and s'mores.

Journal entry: dear people of the world
Today we had an awesome sunrise. They woke us up at 4:30 but we got to sleep in until 5am.

We have lots to do in the mornings to get ready to leave by 7am. I have to take all the sleeping bags and take down the electric fence. Brent and ryan usually harness the mules and sadle moki.

We are going to Martins cove today it is where alot of pioneer died because they left so late in the year and they had freezing weather.

We didn't leave camp until 11am because the Wyoming highway patrol was mad because they said we didn't have the right signs. We were all laughing because we have traveled so much in Wyoming.

The mosquiots are still bad but at night they seem to go away. We had a camp fire and roasted marshmellows and made smores with lots of friends from camp we tried to sing but it wasn't too good. I slept in my friends wagon with 5 guys.

Well this is Dan Whitaker at Martins Cove Wyoming